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8 Expert Loft Ladder Safety Tips

Loft ladders are incredibly useful pieces of equipment. However, they should be treated with care. If you use them incorrectly or install them in the wrong manner, then you risk hurting yourself quite seriously.

So, to help ensure you avoid any such hazards, here are our 8 top loft ladder safety tips.

1. Maintain 3 points of contact

Always ensure you have 3 points of contact with the ladder at all times as you ascend and descend. This could be 2 legs and one hand or vice versa. If you need to carry stuff up, then itís best to seek out help.

2. Ensure your loft hatch is large enough

Think carefully about how large the items are that you will need to be putting up in your loft. If the hatch isn't big enough, then it will pose a dangerous threat to you as you try to squeeze everything up and through.

3. Never carry too much

If you have a lot of items that need to go into your loft, then take them all in small amounts. Trying to lift up too much at once puts you at greater risk of losing your balance and falling.

4. Always ask for help

Regardless of how much you need to take up, its best to have someone stand at the base of the ladder and see you up and down. Similarly, if an accident did occur, then they will be there to help you right away.

5. Keep any young children and pets away

It can be a real hazard if there are small children or pets running around the base of the ladder. As they may then get in the way or start trying to climb up as well.

6. Donít reach too far

Ensure that whenever you are placing items into the loft, you are not having to overextend yourself by lifting them overhead. This will cause you to lose balance and risk falling or dropping the items onto yourself.

7. Wear sensible footwear

It is important you always wear some form of sensible footwear with grip whenever using a loft ladder. This means no socks, no flip flops and no shoes with hard, flat soles.

8. Inspect regularly

Finally, to ensure your loft ladder is safe to use, it is important you take the time to give it a regular inspection. If it doesn't get used very much then this might be every 6 months. If it is used regularly, then make your checks more often.

By following these 8 crucial loft ladder safety tips, you should hopefully never have any issues accessing your loft storage space. In general, it is just about being sensible and respecting the possible risks you could face.

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