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Ladder Accessories & Spare Parts


Ladder Accessories & Spare Parts



Price 82.80 inc. VAT
LOCATING BAR for Wall Fixing

LOCATING BAR for Wall Fixing

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Locating Bar:

Choosing the best accessories for ladders

In your quest to find the best accessories for loft ladders in the market, you’ll discover that the answer is not as straightforward as it seems. Why? Because it all depends on your specific requirements. With the countless choices available, you might end up paying more or even buying the wrong product. Here are our tips to help you get the most suitable accessories for your ladder.

Ladder trigger

When buying this accessory, consider how often you access the loft. For example, it’s advisable to opt for a ladder trigger made of steel rather than aluminium if the loft will be accessed regularly. Triggers can be used with all types of stepladders.

Ladder spring

Choose strong counter-balance springs to minimise the physical effort by lightening the load. There are different types of springs designed to fit the costlier electrically operated loft ladders or the less expensive manual loft ladders.

Back foot

Back foots are available in three main types: large, small and 87 degrees. They can be used for window cleaning ladders because they are long-lasting and do not contain any fragile electronic components. For large ladders, the 87-degree back foot is the best option while the other two are suitable for smaller ladders.

Front step foot

If you’re only accessing the loft during holidays like Christmas to get decorations down or maybe old toys, then the single hole step foot is ideal. However, if you plan to store bulky items in your loft, you may need to consider the double hole step foot which provides extra stability.

Tubular handrail

Before buying a handrail, it’s vital to have a correct interpretation of the available space for the ladder because the accessory might get damaged when used in limited spaces. The compact designs of the concertina ladders work well with handrails for smaller ceiling openings.

The plug

This is a key piece that determines the functionality of the ladder, so when the plug becomes worn out, the ladder may jam. Check the top and base plugs regularly as part of your ladder’s maintenance routine. For heavy-duty ladders such as telescopic ladders, rounded plugs are more appropriate.

The above tips will help you to get the best deal, but don’t forget to take and record all your measurements before buying ladder accessories.


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