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Combination Ladders



Price 334.80 inc. VAT
Combination Ladder - HL

Combination Ladder - HL

Price 191.52 inc. VAT


Price 170.52 inc. VAT


These versatile ladders are ideal for those who do not have the space to store several ladders, and perfect for those on a budget looking for a multi-purpose ladder. The combination ladder has a unique sliding mechanism that allows it to convert to three different modes, depending on the job it is required for. So whether you’re out on a trade job or completing an industrial project, or possibly even just using them for domestic use, you’re covered in more ways than one. Use these extremely versatile and flexible ladders to get the job done safely.

Combination Ladders

Manufactured with high quality materials these aluminium combination ladders are in compliance with the BS EN ISO 9001 quality management system, meaning you can trust that they’re not only reliable but safe and secure too. For extra strength these ladders are made from hollow seamless aluminium extrusions, complete with radiused corners. Not only that but there rubber plugs fitted on the ends of the ladder to improve the stability and overall safety, ensuring that there is little movement while you’re up there.

The best thing about these combination ladders is that they’re perfect for both trade and domestic use as they can be used as double extension ladder with a splayed base. They can also be used as a stepladder or even as two single section ladders, making them one of the most flexible and versatile ladders we have to offer. Available in a variety of heights, spans and weight, you’re able to choose the perfect combination ladder for your needs. Whatever you’re looking to do with these ladders, we’ve got the perfect size for you.

For the very best aluminium combination ladders be sure to shop right here at Ramsay Ladders and give yourself peace of mind knowing that you’re in the safest hands. All ladders available here are built to last and cope with the demands of constant usage. They can deal with the tests of your task or home usage and will pull you through any job at hand. With plenty of features that ensure safety and increased strength, you can rest easy knowing that whatever job you’re called up for, you’re able to complete to the very highest standard possible.

Multi Use Ladders

Don’t forget that these multi-use aluminium combination ladder can be used as a handy stepladder, or it can convert into a double extension ladder for jobs that other ladders cannot reach. It also functions as two single-section ladders, and it is light and easy to move.

For more information on these excellent combination ladders or to ask a question about the dimensions please get in touch with a member of our team. We have experts on hand to answer any queries, offer you advice and recommend ladders based on your wants and needs. Be sure to view the rest of our ladder collection with a great selection of loft ladders on offer as well as platform steps, window cleaner ladders and step ladders for multiple jobs and tasks. You can rely on Ramsay Ladders to deliver you the very best when it comes to ladders, they’re fully tested and manufactured to ensure safety and security.

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