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Double Sided Folding Steps

Aluminium Double Sided Folding Step - DAS

Aluminium Double Sided Folding Step - DAS

Price 141.18 inc. VAT


Double sided step ladders

Double sided step ladders are incredibly useful due to the way they allow access from either side. If you cannot safely access where you need to from one side, you can simply do it from the other with no fuss. This means they come in handy for a wide variety of both industrial, trade and domestic uses, similar to our range of telescopic ladders. From accessing loft space to working on office ceiling panels or pipework, double sided ladders are always useful to have around.

The ladders in this range at Ramsay Ladders are made from aluminium for superior strength and durability. This also means they are lightweight and simple to move around. Our DAS range of ladders start with models that weigh only 8kg for example! Our double sided ladders come in a variety of sizes too so you can choose which are most suitable for your needs. From the DAS4 which reaches up to 0.945 metres high, all the way up to the DAS10 which has an open height of 2.355 metres, there is something for everyone. All the ladders we stock in this range fold down with no fuss to make transporting or storing them straightforward. With closed lengths going from 1.070 metres up to only 2.620 metres, you will have no trouble in finding somewhere to put them.

Safety is also something that you can be assured of when ordering from us. Our double sided steps have locking stays to keep the frame solidly in place and rubber feet to avoid any slips. The ladders we stock also have channel stiles with 89mm deep treads which help you balance properly when using them. Order online today and see why Ramsay Ladders are the people to rely on.

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