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Extension Ladders 3
Double Extension Ladders Double Extension Ladders
Double extension ladders are ideal for safely reaching extra-high areas and they make the perfect extension ladder for home, industrial or trade use. Available in a variety of lengths, each double extension ladder features rectangular box section stiles and serrated round rungs for maximum grip.

These useful ladders come with rubber feet for added safety when in use on smooth surfaces, and some can be used in conjunction with a handy ladder rope operation. Extension ladders adjust easily and quickly, and when the job is finished, they can be quickly restored to a more manageable length.
Triple Extension Ladders Triple Extension Ladders
Made from aluminium rectangular box section stiles with serrated round rungs, the triple extension ladder is ideal for jobs that require working at different heights. Auto-locking clamps hold each section firmly in place when the ladder is used fully extended; these clamps also secure the ladder closed for storage or transportation.

The triple extension ladder can be fitted with an automatic swing clutch for use with rope operation and comes in a range of lengths to suit individual preference. Rubber feet are installed on the ladder stile ends for stability and maximum grip to the floor surface.

Triple extension ladders are ideal for those who need to work at various heights without accessing a roof as they can be adjusted as required. Since they are made up of three connecting ladders that are locked together in place to the adjusted height, they can be easily stored away or transported from one location to another.

Our triple extension ladders are available in various sizes to suit your needs and preferences. With an overall closed length ranging from 2.05m to 7.05m and an extended height ranging from 4.80m to 18.80m, you will certainly find a suitable triple extension ladder right here.

You can rest in the knowledge that safety comes first at Ramsay Ladders. As such, we stock products that meet all current safety standards and that are manufactured from the very finest materials that are made to last.
Wooden Double Extension Ladders Wooden Double Extension Ladders
With stiles manufactured from the finest quality Douglas fir timber and rungs made from high-quality ash, the wooden double extension ladder is an ideal ladder for industrial use as well as around the home. Each wooden double extension ladder is varnished to preserve the wood, and rungs are securely pinned then glued in place, preventing moisture from affecting the strength of the joint.

Wooden extension ladders are available in a selection of lengths, yet close to a manageable size for storage and transportation. This ladder is ideal for jobs that require being able to safely reach extra high areas.
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Extension Ladders

DE Ladder Rope Operation

DE Ladder Rope Operation

Price 50.29 inc. VAT
Triple Extension Ladders - TE

Triple Extension Ladders - TE

Price 77.88 inc. VAT
Triple Extension Ladders - Ramsay Standard - TE

Triple Extension Ladders - Ramsay Standard - TE

Price 77.88 inc. VAT

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