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Fruit Picking Ladders

Fruit Picking Ladder - FP

Fruit Picking Ladder - FP

Price 154.44 inc. VAT


Fruit picking ladders

If you need to complete any jobs that involve getting close to trees, you need fruit picking ladders. Whether for home or professional use, they will allow you to access any tree and be near enough to work on it safely. As the name suggests, picking fruit from trees is one of the best uses for these ladders. Similar to our range of window cleaning ladders, it is important to use the right ladder for the right job. They are also very handy for a wide range of other tasks too from branch cutting to clipping or trimming trees. With their robust design and generous lengths, they mean you can perform any tree-related jobs without having to strain or stretch.

At Ramsay Ladders, our fruit picking ladders come in a choice of lengths. From 4.05 metres all the way up to 6.66 metres, you will be sure to find one that suits your needs. All the ladders we can supply comply with the BS EN ISO 9001 benchmark so you can be confident they are safe to use. Our fruit picking ladders also have narrow tops which taper so you can push them through tree branches with ease.

The splayed bases with rubber feet prevent the ladders from twisting when in use and keeps them stable. Moving our ladders around is also a breeze due to their lightweight aluminium construction. Our lightest ladder in this range is only 8kgs! To help you work on them with no slippage, 24mm Dia serrated round rungs are included on each model at 250mm centres. Order online today to get the best quality fruit picking ladders around.

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