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Mobile Warehouse Steps

Aluminium Mobile Warehouse Steps - AWS

Aluminium Mobile Warehouse Steps - AWS

Price 212.16 inc. VAT

For jobs that involve working at height, aluminium mobile warehouse steps offer a secure, safe and comfortable way to work for lengthy periods. Available in a range of heights and weights, mobile warehouse steps are designed using lightweight, yet robust aluminium, with a sizeable platform for added security.

Each set of aluminium mobile warehouse steps is fitted with rear wheels for easy movement, and the front and rear rubber feet provide security on smooth or slippery floor surfaces. These mobile steps are ideal for use in warehouses, offices and storage areas, providing a safe alternative to regular ladders.

Having the ability to access different heights is absolutely essential in any warehouse setting, and with mobile warehouse steps, this job becomes easier and more comfortable for your staff. Mobile steps are a safer alternative to static ladders in a warehouse and they can be easily moved about when required. Our products are made from strong and durable materials to ensure the comfort and safety of your staff.

Ramsay Ladders offers plenty of choice when it comes to mobile warehouse steps. Our selection of mobile warehouse steps ranges from 3 to 16 treads, which include the platform. This will provide a height to platform ranging from 0.720m to 3.766m.

Alternatively, if you require more treads and a higher platform, we can manufacture mobile warehouse steps to order. This could provide up to 20 treads including the platform and a height to platform of up to 4.730m.
To find out more about our range of mobile warehouse steps, please contact us today.


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