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National Grid-Overhead Line



Price 254.40 inc. VAT

National Grid Overhead Line

Safety is paramount when working on the National Grid. All products on this page comply with National Grid Specification TPS1/136 - June 1992. Tower hooks and conductor hooks are ideal for this type of work and ensure that anybody working in what can be a time-pressured situation are fully protected and safe.

Tower hook ladders, designed with scaffolding and span access in mind, have chain closers for added safety and all are rated for safe working loads and proof loads. Two types of hooks are available: Type A and B. Type A has an in-line hook and is available in Mild Steel Flat Bar or in ERW Tube. Type B is a perpendicular hook and comes complete with a Conductor Hook Support Plate. Both these fittings are specifically designed for vertical and horizontal aerial line work.

Conductor hooks are essential for National Grid work and ensure that the government-mandated Health and Safety regulations are fully met. Ladder swivel hooks are also available which add adaptability to work that rarely has a similar set up from one job to the next.

Our ladders range from 12 rungs right up to 29 rungs, adding the flexibility that is often required in these types of jobs.

Splice plates and tower plates complete our National Grid stock, fully equipping those working in the live, height and restricted access industry. To find out more about our range National Grid products, contact the team at Ramsay Ladders today.


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