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Aluminium Fixed Platform Aluminium Fixed Platform

Trestles offer an ideal platform for painters, bricklayers and other tradesmen, and aluminium folding trestles are a perfect choice for use in the working environment. Manufactured from strong yet lightweight aluminium and with radiused corners for additional strength, these sturdy trestles fold down neatly, making them easy to move around the site or transport to other jobs. We know how important is to those in the trade to be able to quickly pick up your stuff and move onto the next job, that’s why our folding trestle is built to be as flexible as possible. With multiple places to be in one day you want your equipment to be as transportable as possible and these trestles are designed for that exact purpose. No fuss, no unnecessary work to do or problems with packing up, the aluminium folding trestle is perfect for those on the go whether it be due to various jobs or big on site locations.

Folding Multi-Function Ladders

Our folding trestles are manufactured using hollow seamless extrusions, the corners are also radiused for extra strength to ensure that you’re safe and secure. With our folding trestle, the crossbars are fitted so that are in line with other heights of trestles to keep staging planks at the same level. We also ensure that rubber plugs are fitted to the end of the ladder stiles again to make the ladder as safe as possible. We’re committed to safety and ensure that all of our ladders are tested. They’re manufactured to meet all safety regulations and to adhere to standards set by authorities. 

Take a look at the options available to purchase today here at Ramsay Ladders and you’ll discover our aluminium folding trestle is ready to purchase in a range of sizes. Whatever the task at hand is, we’ve got the ideal trestle for you. Whether you’re in the trade industry or have some jobs to carry out at home, it’s important you get the correct folding trestle.

Folding trestles are fitted with sturdy crossbars that are arranged in various heights to synchronise with other trestles in order to keep staging planks level. All folding trestles are equipped with rubber feet, providing grip to smooth floors or slippery surfaces.

Folding Trestle Ladders

Do you have any questions about the folding trestles we have to offer? Not to worry, our friendly team is on hand to help you with any queries. We’re the experts in the industry and know what types of ladders are required for certain type of jobs. Let us know the job you’re looking to carry out and we’ll recommend a folding trestle to suit. 

We’re committed to only offering the best here at Ramsay Ladders and that’s the exact case with these ladders. Don’t forget to browse our other ranges from loft and attic ladders to platform steps, step ladders and even football goal frames with affordable prices across the site to suit any budget. We’ve been supplying ladders to the trade industry as well as domestic users for years and will always go above and beyond to delivery safety and reliability.

Steel Fixed Platform Steel Fixed Platform

Steel fixed platform ladders

Ideal for warehouse and archive work, steel platform ladders offer the ultimate in durability and safety. At Ramsay Ladders we stock a range of fixed platform ladders for all types of customer with varying workplace needs.

If you have employees working at height you need to make sure they are using top-quality equipment that keeps them safe from falls and injuries. Even if they're only a few feet off the ground, this is still absolutely necessary. With our range of quality-assured platform ladders, which meet the highest industry safety standards, you have complete peace of mind.

If you've been stuck with old ladders, replacing them can really make a difference to safety in the workplace. Also, you will find that the speed and efficiency in the workplace will increase. We also provide a variety of industry specific ladders, including a wide range of ladders for window cleaners.

With durable rubber wheels and locking mechanisms to make sure that there is no possibility of the platform moving unexpectedly when you order a steel fixed platform ladder from us, you can be assured that there will be no problems whatsoever with the equipment. Our ladders are made of only the highest quality steel which is quality assured and will not fail. When you order a fixed platform ladder from Ramsay Ladders, you can be assured that you are ordering from a company which makes your employee's safety a priority.

Can't find what you're looking for in our range? Simply give us a call or drop us an email to talk to one of our highly competent sales team today.

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There are times when a standard ladder solution is not what you need. In such cases, platforms, steps and trestles might be more appropriate. Ramsay Ladders carries a full range of solutions for industrial, retail and home use. Each of our solutions is manufactured to the highest standards and specifications and include appropriate safety features. Here at Ramsay Ladders we know the importance of the correct platform steps or mobile platform steps, they’re used for ease of access and can be a big difference between a traditional ladder. Whatever task you’re carrying out, you need to ensure safety for you and your colleagues or anyone else at your home or residential area.

Mobile Platform Steps

Our heavy-duty platform steps could be ideal for your industrial environment where access to at-height storage is necessary, providing a safe way to utilise the extra space in your settings. At home, a fixed, single-sided platform step is perfect for reaching those high cupboards or cleaning above the windows. We know the pain of not have the right tools for the job and whatever your domestic use is, we’ve got the perfect platform step or trestle to help you carry it out. We’re committed to ensuring that you can complete a job, whether it be at home or work.

We carry mobile steel platform steps for both retail and warehouse environments as well. Mobile steps give you access to multiple locations around your site without needing multiple sets of steps. Simply roll your mobile steps to wherever they are needed at the time. These platform steps are extremely popular due to their fantastic flexibility. The versatile steps allows you to complete multiple jobs in an efficient manner,without having to worry about how you’re going to transport them to the next location. We put your mind at ease with a simple function that can mean you get the job done quicker and safer. We don’t ever compromise on safety and these mobile platform steps ensure that you’re still as secure as ever while able to move on to another job shortly after dismounting.

Platform Step Ladders

Ramsay Ladders' inventory of platforms, steps and trestles offer you the solutions you need when a standard ladder or stepladder is not the right solution. Whether you need a pop-up platform, a folding work platform, or a set of classic platform steps, we have what you need to do the job safely and effectively. If you’re not sure which trestle, platform or steps are best for you and the job at hand, please get in touch with our team today. We’re experts in the industry and can not only answer general questions but can help with recommendations. If you’re struggling to find the perfect solution to your problem, give us a call and our team will point you in the right direction.

With so many different styles, accessories and sizes on offer in our platform steps range, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your requirements. Take a look at the complete collection and once you’ve decided on the type, choose your size and enjoy a ladder that will help you carry out the task at hand with ease. All ladders are tested to ensure they meet safety standards and adhere to regulations. We care a lot about your safety and will only offer the safest ladders to help you carry out jobs around the clock.


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