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Ships Gangway Ladders

Ships Gangway Ladders - S.SA

Ships Gangway Ladders - S.SA

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Gangway ladders

Being able to board or disembark from any marine vessel safely is key. If you own a boat, yacht or other vessel then it is critical you have the right equipment in place for this. Gangway ladders are one of the major pieces of kit to use and ensure any passengers or workers remain protected when accessing your vessel. At Ramsay Ladders, our gangway ladders are the perfect choice and comply with Merchant Shipping Safety (Means of Access) standard 1982, regulation 6. Made from tough aluminium, our ladders are robust enough to withstand regular use. The radiused corners and special locking method which stops turning sees to that.

This aluminium design also means they are lightweight - the ladders in this range we carry go from as little as 34kg up to only 69kg for larger models. Our gangway ladders also come in a variety of sizes to suit most boats or yachts. From a 5.05 ladder for smaller vessels up to an impressive 10.05 metre one for larger boats, you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Safety features such as securing rings and 32mm Dia aluminium tube handrails on both sides also make our ladders very safe to use.

Slippage is a major concern when people access marine vessels but the reinforced corrugated rungs on our gangway ladders are totally non-slip. Robust rubber plugs on both ends of the ladder also stop it from sliding when in use. Circular swivel feet at the bottom also keep the ladder secure and safe to use in any weather. Order your gangway ladders with Ramsay Ladders online today.


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