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Single Section Ladders

Single Section Ladder - SA

Single Section Ladder - SA

Price 35.69 inc. VAT

Designed for professional use, the heavy-duty single section ladder comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it suitable for many tasks in different environments. The single section ladder is fitted with non-slip feet to top and bottom allowing it to grip firmly to walls, gutters, and sills, making it an extremely safe and stable piece of equipment.

The Class 1 standard single section ladder is fitted with serrated round rungs and manufactured from box section stiles. Made from lightweight aluminium with an impressive maximum load of 175 kg, the single section ladder is ideal for heavy-duty industrial work.

With so many ladders to choose from, you might be struggling to decide which is best for you or your business. If you frequently use a ladder for the same purpose, you might want to think about a single section ladder, particularly if you are short on space. Provided you choose a ladder that reaches the required height and that has a suitable load capacity, there is no need to invest in more expensive extension ladders.

Our single section ladders are made from the finest quality materials to ensure comfort and safety at all times. With overall reach ranging from 1.55m to 10.05m, we are sure that you will find the perfect ladder for your needs right here.

No matter what your requirements or budget, Ramsay Ladders has you covered when it comes to a single section ladder.


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