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Steeplejack Ladders

Steeplejack Ladder

Steeplejack Ladder

Price 61.20 inc. VAT


Steeplejack ladders

When it comes to ladders, few can be quite as useful as steeplejack ladders. This handy piece of equipment is designed to let you reach any area where you need fixed access. They are widely used in the industrial sector by workers who need to scale tall structures which may not already have access ladders in place. From clock towers to steeples and taller chimneys, these ladders allow you to get where you need to be so you can carry out maintenance work. They are ideal for use in many commercial settings but can also be handy in many domestic settings where fixed access is needed for a DIY job.


The steeplejack ladders in stock at Ramsay Ladders are made from tough aluminium which also makes them lightweight. Our ladders are durable and strong so you can rely on them to perform as expected every time. As such, they give a safe way to reach out of the way places. Our ladders are available in two heights - 3.00 metres or 4.50 metres. This means you can select the right kind for the job at hand. Made in the UK, 10mm Dia holes are pre-drilled for brackets in between the third and fourth ladder rung. They also come with external sleeves at the top for easy fitting to any structure or wall. We also sell sleeves for steeplejack ladders so you can always pick up more if required. For complete safety and efficiency when in use, we also stock steeplejack ladder brackets. These keep your ladders a minimum of 120mm away from any wall as required when carrying out any work.

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