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Step ladders

Swingback Steps - T.LAS  :  Standard Model

Swingback Steps - T.LAS : Standard Model

Price 61.80 inc. VAT
Platform Step  - T.ALPS  :  Standard Model

Platform Step - T.ALPS : Standard Model

Price 91.20 inc. VAT
Timber Shelf Ladder - SL ( Library Step )

Timber Shelf Ladder - SL ( Library Step )

Price 91.20 inc. VAT
Aluminium Shelf Ladder - ASL

Aluminium Shelf Ladder - ASL

Price 96.72 inc. VAT
Glass Fibre Swingback Step - AFSB

Glass Fibre Swingback Step - AFSB

Price 241.20 inc. VAT
Timber Platform Step - FS

Timber Platform Step - FS

Price 266.40 inc. VAT
Glass Fibre Platform Step - AFPS

Glass Fibre Platform Step - AFPS

Price 315.60 inc. VAT
Aluminium Vision Folding Work Platform - AXPLT

Aluminium Vision Folding Work Platform - AXPLT

Price 430.80 inc. VAT


One of the most useful pieces of kit in any domestic, commercial or trade setting are stepladders. These handy ladders are easy to use, portable and not overly expensive. Step ladders are mainly used if you need to reach somewhere high up safely but do not have a supporting wall to lean a traditional ladder against. As a stepladder is effectively self-supporting, it is a very versatile and useful piece of equipment to own. Here at Ramsay Ladders, we have a wide range of top-quality stepladders to choose from - all with their own distinct characteristics.

Our swingback steps are great general purpose ladders and fold flat to make storing or transporting them easy. Available in a selection of heights, they make working securely at height a doddle. Our swingback ladders also come in a range of materials so you can choose lighter fibreglass swingback steps or more heavy-duty ones, such as wooden step ladders. We also stock great value shelf ladders which give a secure way to reach high cupboards and shelves. Durable enough for regular use, they can be moved around with ease to wherever you need them. Rubber feet give superb stability while the deep tread on our shelf ladders makes using them very safe.

But what about if you need to access a truck or trailer quickly? A vehicle & trailer access ladder is your best bet in this situation and we have some stylish examples in stock to buy. These ladders can be fitted to any trailer or truck with no fuss in order to enable convenient access. When you also add in our double-sided and folding platform step ladders range, it is easy to see why we are the number one choice for stepladders in the UK.

Step Ladder FAQ's

How do I use a step ladder safely?

Always check that the step ladder can take your weight. A load weight should be marked on the ladder. Then, once you have opened the step ladder, make sure to lock the braces and place it on a stable surface and close to where you need to work. Check out Staying Safe with Roof Ladders for more safety tips

How tall is a step ladder?

A step ladder can be anywhere between one to four metres in height, depending on which type you choose.

How often should a step ladder be inspected?

You need to check your step ladders every time you use them. When it comes to an official inspection, ideally this needs to be done every six months, but this very much depends on how often you use your step ladder. Read How Often Should Your Ladders be Inspected for more information.

Can you stand on the top of a stepladder?

This very much depends on the type of step ladder. If you are using a swingback step ladder then you should not stand on the top. If you are using a platform step ladder, then it is safe to stand on the platform at the top.

How can you safely attach a paint tray to a step ladder?

The best way to attach a paint tray to your step ladder is with a paint tray holder. These are easily attached to the side of the ladder, leaving your hands free. It's a lot safer than balancing the tray on one of the steps.

Can a stepladder be leaned against a wall?

A step ladder is designed to be used as a free-standing A-frame. So, in most cases, it should not be used against a wall as it is not stable or safe to do so. However, there are some step ladders that can also be leaned against the wall, but this will be clearly stated on the product information

Who should use a fibreglass step ladder?

A fibreglass step ladder can be used by anyone, but they are mainly used by electricians. This is because they are not allowed to use an aluminium step ladder. A fibreglass step ladder will protect them in the event that a live wire touches the ladder as it insulates them from an electrical shock.

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