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Surveyors Ladders

Surveyor Ladder / Sectional - SER

Surveyor Ladder / Sectional - SER

Price £42.12 inc. VAT


The safe and light surveyor’s ladder has been designed with convenience in mind. Easy to assemble and lightweight to carry, the surveyor’s ladder has been designed to be easily stored in a car boot to be transported from job to job; it also takes up very little storage space when not in use. We know the importance of flexibility when you’re out on the job, hence the reason why these ladders are great for the day ahead. Simply pack up the ladders and you’re all set to move on, whether you’re heading to another job or finishing up for the day, there’s no hassle or issues with these versatile ladders.

Mobile Surveyors Ladders

The sectional surveyors ladder consists of rectangular box section stiles with serrated round rungs, with each section measuring approximately 1040 mm long. Made from durable but lightweight aluminium, this ladder is fitted with non-slip rubber feet at both ends and extends to a maximum of 5.4 metres.

The main benefit of the surveyor’s ladder is that it is small and portable, making it the perfect choice for those who travel from one location to another to carry out their job. Although designed with the surveyor in mind, the ladders are ideal for anyone who requires access to higher areas while carrying out their daily tasks. They can be easily stored in a van or car boot to make transporting them that much easier, meaning your jobs and tasks are easily completable. The efficiency that these ladders create makes them the best around for all types of jobs from inspection purposes to everyday domestic uses.

As each one metre section is designed to be quickly and conveniently slotted into the next, the surveyor’s ladder can allow quick and easy access to higher areas for inspection. The design is one that ensures comfort and safety at all times. These strong and sturdy ladders are the ideal choice for those who need the ability to get up high.

Ladders For Surveyors

Our lightweight surveyor’s ladder offers the opportunity to connect up to six 0.9 metre sections, giving an overall height of up to 5.4m if required. Manufactured from top quality materials and meeting all British Standards, our surveyor’s ladder is the perfect solution for all your surveying and inspection needs. We ensure that all of our ladders are thoroughly tested in order to adhere to regulations, making them the safest ladders possible. Not only will you notice the quality once you’re in front of these ladders, you’ll also notice the various safety features that make these the perfect choice. Peace of mind is delivered by these ladders, meaning you can get on with the jobs at hand and know fine well that you’re in safe hands.

If you’ve got any questions regarding our surveyors ladders then please get in touch with a member of our team. We’re always on hand to offer answers to your queries, offer recommendations to suit your needs and provide expert advice that could help you make the decision. Take a look at the sizes available and discover each ladders features with no of sections listed, the length, number of rungs and much more.

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