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Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic Ladder

Telescopic Ladder

Price 184.08 inc. VAT


Telescopic ladders

Telescopic ladders are a real must-have for domestic DIY use or general trade work. These ladders can be easily extended in height to complete the job in hand before being returned to their original size. This makes them ideal for a whole variety of jobs such as cleaning windows, accessing loft spaces, changing light bulbs or attaching fittings to high up spaces in a property. Having a telescopic ladder which can handle standard jobs as well as taller ones means you save money on buying two sets of ladders as well.

The ladders in this range at Ramsay Ladders are designed to the highest standard and comply with all relevant safety regulations. Our telescopic ladders come in a great choice of sizes so you can pick one that is ideal for your needs. These types of ladders are made from aluminium and this means they are lightweight yet tough. This makes them very easy to transport if you need them for work or are simply lending them to a friend. Telescopic ladders also offer a superb space-saving solution compared to simply buying one large ladder. When put back to the original size, they will easily fit into any store cupboard or car with no fuss.

Our telescopic ladders have wide 90mm deep treads for total security in use and rubber feet to keep them stable. You will also find double release locks on the telescopic ladders we stock to keep you even safer when working on them. From the Telestep which opens up to 3.3 metres in height from an original 780mm size to the larger Telestep which extends up to 3.8 metres, you can count on Ramsay Ladders to look after you.

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